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roger doyle

Charlotte Corday
€ 16.00
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roger doyle - Charlotte Corday

roger doyle

Charlotte Corday

€ 16.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. DOM BW 04, ARTWARE 06 | YEAR. (2008)

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Original and long time no see, limited edition of 700 copies. Far-out electro-acoustic sound collage, a development of ideas explored more briefly on Oizzo No. Sounds and voices in unexpected juxtapositions, and distorted in strange ways. It's outlandish enough to make it genuinely uneasy listening, and very imaginative, but as far as the genre's concerned it's all quite respectable, quite traditional. A simple narrative underlies all of Charlotte Corday, so it could be viewed simply as an abstract piece of sound theatre
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded in 1989 at the Square Studio, Dublin, and at the Studios of GMEB. Commissioned by the Groupe de Musique Experimental de Bourges (GMEB)
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded in 1976 at the garden-room of the composers's parents' house, Malahide, County Dublin, at the studios of the Institute of Sonology, Utrecht State University, and at the 1976 St. Patrick's Day parade, Dublin. Comes with 8-page booklet. Artware cat# is misprinted as ARTWARE 06 CD on the release.

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