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Club Music Remixes

Label: Diagonal

Format: LP

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Cleveland's Prostitutes (James Donadio) delivers Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy, with four gaping cuts that dissipate heavy drug fug in favor of synapse-sparking, blistered hardwave funk. "Crawl in from Broadway" hammers out workshop percussion latticed with searing acid lines and wry, whining drones, while "Dollars to Deutschmarks" walks the walk with leather-bound friction and Linn-style snare crack. "Lovers Run Camp Africa" centers on a militant two-note bass and drum momentum, overlaid with menacing vocal stabs. "Side Effects of Living" expends shocking electro energy in what might just be Donadio's fiercest dancefloor assault to date. Pure street terror laced with swerve.

Cat. number: DIAG 016EP
Year: 2014

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Club Music
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