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Repetition Reinforcement

Label: Diagonal

Format: CDx5

Genre: Electronic

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Diagonal pull another coup with 12"s of brute bitterness from Philip Best, Sarah Froelich and Russell Haswell's Consumer Electronics. With the spray of their blinding 'Estuary English' still wet on our cheek, 'Repetition Reinforcement' is a bruising, visceral reminder of CE's position on the periphery of extreme electronic music. Holding steadfast to the transgressive subject matter which Best has explored since the early '80s as part of Whitehouse and Ramleh, in this excursion he trades explicit rage for a much more reserved and creepily effective style of delivery and implication, abetted by Froelich's deadpan vocal and Haswell's tense frequency fxxkery. The unnervingly dry techno hump of 'Murder The Masters' cuts right to the bone on the A-side - you can practically smell Best's breath on your neck -  while 'Alien Existence' reflects on sexual politics in a probing dialectic with Froelich soused by Haswell's naseous n0!se. It's not for everyone, like... but the fiends will love it.

Cat. number: DIAG019
Year: 2015

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