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Green Gums

Black Tongue EP

Label: Diagonal

Format: EP

Genre: Electronic

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Dogged techno licks from Dom Butler & L/F/D/M in Green Gums guise following two searing sessions as Bronze Teeth, also for Diagonal. Where their previous pair of 12"s tended to effluent, extended jams, these are just as mucky but more concise. Uptown, they launch the jagged EBM affray of 'Zozomono' with coarse acid lines yoked to slamming kicks, while 'Dag' marches out like some mutant, blunted offspring of Ancient Methods and Powell. Downtown, they really come into their own with the coiled shuffle and strangely spacious, gutted mix-down of EP highlight, 'Cestoda's Labyrinth', before tilting slow and low with the tripping acid of 'Tap Dancing Goat Man'. RIYL Factory Floor, Powell, Ancient Methods...

Cat. number: DIA020
Year: 2015