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Corners and Their Places - excerpt 1

Nothing To Semble

Corners and Their Places

Label: Feeding Tube Records

Format: TAPE


** 250 copies ** "Herewith, the first expression of the newest project helmed by Brooklyn polymath, Curtis Godino (known for his work with light shows and visual art as much as for his most excellent musical combo, Worthless). Mellotron is often Curtis' sonic weapon of choice, and his expressively modal use of the instrument makes Justin Hayward sound like, well... Justin Hayward. In Curtis' hands, this ungainly behemoth of a keyboard retains a massive sort of prog pompery that is equal parts majesty and idiocy. The instrumental sections build weirdly ornate sky castles, which are larded with presumably heisted spoken sections, or cloud-like vocals, often resembling Ummagumma-era Floyd (1969) in all its wheezy glory. There are also drums on a few tracks, employing a light spacey approach that's fully in keeping with the proceedings. You can hear some guitar squirreled away in the mix as well. The mellotron is such a huge strange presence, however, it really shapes things, making me recall (almost too vividly) dark winter nights in prep school dorms filled with In the Court of the Crimson King (1969), bad acid, and In Search of the Lost Chord (1968). For all that blunder-bussing, Nothing To Semble sometimes offers a very intimate vibe as well (even though the lyrics are not fully penetrable). Which makes it perfect listening for those who like using psychotropics, or at least like thinking about using psychotropics. Either way, count me in." - Byron Coley
Cat. number: FTR 359CS
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych