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Steve Lacy

Cycles (1976-80)

Label: Emanem

Format: CDx2

Genre: Jazz

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Solo saxophone performances of three of Lacy's rarest cycles. The eight-part SHOTS (Moms / Pops / The Kiss / Tots / The Ladder / Fruits / Coots / The Wire) comes mostly from a 1977 Roman concert, with a couple of missing pieces taken from other contemporaneous performances. The only other complete (duo) release of this material was on a long deleted (Musica) LP. The rest of this 2-CD set comes from a 1980 solo recording session and concert in the lively acoustics of an old church in Porrentruy in Switzerland. Four individual pieces (Follies / Thought / Wickets / Swoops), two of which have not appeared anywhere else, were given excellent readings. The then newly written SANDS trilogy (Stand / Jump / Fall) was given a definitive performance some 18 years before the hitherto lone issued version. Finally the rare HEDGES sequence (Hedges / Squirrel / Fox / Rabbit / Shambles) was performed with a dancer. Of the 148 minutes on these two CDs, only the 37 minute HEDGES has appeared before (on a long out-of-print hat ART LP 1982). 

Cat. number: Emanem 5205
Year: 2004

All analogue recordings in concert except for A9-B5: A8: Paris (Centre Culturel du Marais) - 1976 November 19 A1-A3, A5-A7: Roma (Teatro Alberico) - 1977 November 14 A4: Köln (Beginner Studio) - 1977 December 16 A9-B10: Porrentruy (L’Ancienne Eglise des Jésuites) - 1980 December 18 A9-B10 recorded by Peter Pfister and produced by Werner X Uehlinger B6-B10 originally issued in 1982 on hat ART 1982/83 | Everything else is previously unissued

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