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Dead Space (excerpt)


Dead Space

Label: Bocian Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Blip is a duo collaboration between Jim Denley and Mike Majkowski: two of Australia's most prominent improvising musicians. They began playing together in 2002, as members of The Splinter Orchestra, and formed Blip in 2009. They have been developing their own approach to the woodwinds/strings duo arrangement, deconstructing and reconstructing this format. Blip music focuses on duration, the subtleties of sound, the pitch within timbre and texture, as well as pulse. Wi

Cat. number: BC B
Year: 2012

Recorded in Sydney at the Anechoic Chamber of Studio 256 - 26th July 2011

"Threnody to our fathers:
MIROSLAW MAJKOWSKI (Born Gdansk 31st May 1954. Died Sydney 26th June 2011).
COLIN DENLEY (Born Sydney 2nd March 1922. Died Sydney 26th April 2010).
Thanks to Jane Ulman and Sam Pettigrew"

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