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Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé - 1
Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé - 2
Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé - 3
Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé - 4

Anaïs Tuerlinckx

Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé (LP)

Label: Vlek

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental


Rubbed/tickled strings, drone-based undercurrents, leviathanic apparitions, squeals of insects, molluscs & intriguing shells, underwater singing moans, the work of the Belgian musician and performer Anaïs Tuerlinckx plunges entangles us into a captivating constellation

An excellent record, a perfect insight into the dense sound universe of the fascinating Anaïs Tuerlinckx. Steel breaker waves _ walls collapse into a seemingly endless rebounding fall into the bowels of the earth/hell. It is a totally absorbing _ noise _ acoustic approach (supported on certain tracks “Vibrations solitaires et frottements sur la matière” and “Pul- sations métalliques sur cordes sâles” by a bass amp and a monotron synthesizer) and a bewildering and fantastically anguish- ing sound _ dynamic richness on the terrifying “Grattements de métaux sur organe usé”.
And ending the record with the “false”_ rest / lull of the last piece “Exploration  nale d’un corps abîmé” that resonates like the last trace/recoil of the fall, a sort of end / coda of the total collapse, with various scattered sounds, before the pipe organs of the abyss resonate /sound with the surviving strings (dying?) of what remains of this wonderfully mistreated piano.

Anaïs Tuerlinckx is an experimental pianist who desarticulates the instrument and takes its core, the frame and strings, as the main sonic material for her practice. She has roots in free improvisation and is inspired by aesthetics from contemporary music, free jazz, noise and electro-acoustic music. While following her intuition, an intimate relationship with the piano frame is being established allowing her hands and body to dance with the strings.
Each sleeve holds a piece of piano wire that was used during the recording. Each record comes with an insert.

Cat. number: VLEK034
Year: 2021