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File under: Improvised Music

Masahiko Togashi, Steve Lacy

Eternal Duo

Label: DIW Rrecords

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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One of the most compelling albums Steve Lacy recorded during the 80s – a spare set of duets with Japanese percussionist Masahiko Togashi, who really helps shape Steve's style on the record! Togashi approaches his instruments with a very introspective, almost tentative style – hardly the bold rhythms of other drummers, and instead this subtle stepping forward that almost feels, at times, as if Masahiko is discovering his instruments for the first time – and figuring out the sounds in a careful way. Lacy follows suit on soprano sax – still as deft as ever, but equally careful in the way he moves forward – especially at the beginning of the record. By later passages, the pair have a bit more boldness, but still this great sense of reserve – which makes Steve sound very different, but equally inventive – on titles that include "Twilight", "News From The Bells", "Wickets", "Retreat", and "Little Black Bird".



File under: Improvised Music
Cat. number: DIW-3047
Year: 2015

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