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Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis the wire

Label: Important Records

Format: CDx3

Genre: Electronic

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This deluxe 3 CD set presents Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis in its completed three part entirety. Intuitive Synthesis/Floating Frequencies takes full advantage of the low noise floor and clarity provided by the digital medium. Mastered by Eleh specifically for the digital environment. This box is not intended to be a replacement of the analog records but an entirely different experience. Each disc contains two to three tracks, and the packaging is a silver print on matt black jacket, edition of 1000 copies
"Important present a crucial and comprehensive collection of Eleh's three 'Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis' volumes, now available for the first time since their long-sold out vinyl editions. They comprise a snapshot of one of the most singular bodies of minimalist electronics in recent years, a collection of pure, reduced analogue compositions designed to induce hypnotic, deeply spiritual states comparable with the effects of music by Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, La Monte Young or Charlemagne Palestine. Ostensibly, it is academic music, an exercise in the isolation, modulation and layering of specifically affective tonal frequencies, but their effect is as transcendent and universally understood as almost anything else when heard and felt with open ears and mind. Well OK, it may take a little patience on your behalf, but it's meditative music, concentrated on the slightest fluctuations in timbre and texture and with huge attention given to the precise spatialization of each individual frequency - even so far as allegedly reaching infrasonic frequencies vibrating at 0.05Hz - basically (un)sounds which are inaudible but physically felt (a central theme of Steve Goodman ((Kode 9's)) book 'Sonic Warfare'). Take it from us, it's a rarified experience quite unlike any other, which should appeal equally to seasoned followers of minimalism and even those bassbin disciples who eulogise about subbass at Dubstep events. This is also one of those instances where the CD format really comes into its own, taking full advantage of the low noise floor and clarity afforded by the digital medium. An incredible, momentous set. " Boomkat

Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis the wire
Cat. number: IMPREC344
Year: 2011
limited edition of 1000. Mastered by Eleh specifically for digital formats, with Important stating that it "takes full advantage of the low noise floor". Each disc contains two to three tracks, and the packaging is a silver print on matt black jacket

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