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Harmonic Twins - excerpt 1
Harmonic Twins - excerpt 2


Harmonic Twins (LP)

Label: Important Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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ELEH's Harmonic Twins is a slow moving monophony tuned to the overtone vocalizations generated by a particularly beautiful sound sculpture made by Harry Bertoia. These two pieces are inspired by early music, choral masses, motets, the cathedral reverberations of sacred geometry and deep bass. Harmonic Twins was originally debuted by ELEH at Unsound, Krakow in 2017.

Harmonic Twins was pressed in an audiophile edition of 500 copies and is packaged in a heavy duty sleeve printed with metallic inks. An optimal listening environment is recommended in order to experience the low frequencies of Harmonic Twins.

Cat. number: IMPREC 484LP
Year: 2020

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