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Radiant Intervals

Label: Important Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Radiant Intervals' is the first Eleh LP on Important since '08s 'Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis Vol.3', and follows one of the Wire magazine's (and our) top records of 2010, the incredible 'Location Momentum' for Touch. Continuing with investigations into physically tactile tones and drones, this LP offers four further modular synth expeditions eternally moving towards the distant point depicted on the gorgeous, letterpress printed sleeve. After a stoically inert start 'Night Of Pure Energy' is unusually rhythmic (for an Eleh composition at least), propelled by waves of cone-caressing subbass and even spitting out shards of white noise as the pressure mounts. From that relative excitement 'Death Is Eternal Bliss' returns to particle-quiverring drones, succumbing to a innate longing for what lies beyond by attempting dissolve the listener through sheer vibrational force, while the slowly repetitive 'Bright & Central As The Sun Itself' emits sustained pulse waves with an intrinsic meditative value. 'Measuring The Immeasurable' is the most affecting, gradually enveloping the field of audition with asphyxiating microtonal hum closing in on the senses like we're in a huge, sealed glass bowl filling with a hyper-conductive anaesthetic gas. A very pleasurable experience, to our minds at least. (Boomkat)


Eleh was formed in 1999 as an exploration of analog synthesis.  Eleh create highly minimal
and deeply personal/spiritual pure analog electroacoustic music with emphasis on tonal juxtapositions, harmonic intervals, bass tones and various acoustic phenomenon. Eleh's work emphasizes the physical presence of sound as it has been inspired by the physical world.

Cat. number: IMPREC353
Year: 2012

Heavy duty letterpressed

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