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For Moussavi Atrium

Label: Important Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


For Moussavi Atrium is a brand new 38 minute piece from Eleh written for performance at the Cleveland Museum Of Contemporary Art (Cleveland MOCA) on September 28, 2013. " walks into a bar and asks for a pint of beer, the barman scowls at him and refuses. When pressed as to why, he says "I don't like your tone." Meanwhile a drunk in the corner tries to start a chant of "Eleh, give us a wave"...probably a sine it's time to leave.Yup, here's another tonal meditation from extreme minimal chappie Eleh. This one is called 'Four Moussavi Atrium' and contains a slowly throbbing high pitched drone which is then joined by another one a couple of octaves down, throbbing slightly faster, which gradually builds in volume. It's the kind of meditative and slow-paced music which will very much divide opinions; if beats and melodies are what you're after then look away now, but if you're already a fan of his meditative pure tone antics then you're unlikely to be disappointed here." Normann records


Cat. number: IMPREC400
Year: 2014

Double-sided printed artwork card sleeve 

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