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Joe Jones

Fluxus Ain\'t Dead

Label: Private

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Gray-area bootleg issue, with paste-on xerox sleeve. No details on the source or date (or anything). But another essential document of the Fluxus-associated mechanical music machines of Joe Jones. If you're interested in Orchestral Sound Art, no wall will stand in the way of acquisition... The music machines of legendary Fluxus artist Joe Jones are a paradox of prepared sounds voicing astoundingly human bursts of free-flight sonic caterwaul. Why is it that a roomful of musicians can't muster the sound of these music machines? The sounds herein could make tears flow like rivers from countless communal bangs. The sounds from this tape are so rare that many historians claim they don't exist. Jones' orchestras were debuted on Yoko Ono's 'Fly' and he was a curio to the Beatles. 'Joe Jones left his home in Tucson Arizona, bought some California grass.' Not him? Who cares. Bring the Noise. 12" LP
Cat. number: none
Year: 2004

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