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From the Archives Vol. 1 and 2 (2xTapes)

Label: Counter Culture Chronicles

Format: Tape

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

** Limited edition of 80. The two cassettes comes with a laser printed insert** First in a series of compiled recordings dug up from CCC’s and other archives. Vol. 1 contains: Robert Graves discussing love, black arts and mushrooms + two tracks by Angus MacLise, previously released in ‘Green Groceries’ magazine, 2000, then a J.G. Ballard interview and reading. Also, Louise Bourgeois in her studio in Brooklyn, ‘Doodlings’ by Angus MacLise, previously released in 2006, and Harry Hoogstraten readings, 1977.
The Vol. 2 includes: Ira Cohen’s 70th birthday party reading, 2005 + Steve Dalachinsky, live in New York, 2015 + Bert Schierbeek reading (in Dutch) + Hans Plomp reading poems, and Louise Landes Levi, meditations from Kyareng (Ben Schot)

Cat. number: C.C.C. 55 -56
Year: 2020

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