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From The Land of the Wicked King - excerpt 1
From The Land of the Wicked King - excerpt 2

Arrington De Dionyso, Noel Meek, Rodrigo Rico

From The Land of the Wicked King

Label: Astral Spirits

Format: Tape

Genre: Jazz

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**175 copies** "A joint release between Noel Meek's New Zealand label Called God In The Music and Astral Spirits, the trio of Meek himself on electronics, Arrington de Dionyso on saxophone and Rodrigo Rico on drums are caught live at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, WA in 2017 for a freely improvised album of controlled chaos among intensely wicked and mischievous electroacoustic improv." - SquidCo

Cat. number: AS078
Year: 2018

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