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Ghost Time

Ghost Time

Label: Hinterzimmer

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Ghost Time is Ken Hyder, Z'EV, Andy Knight. Ghost Time is a unique trio, fusing tastes of ambient and drone with spices of neo-folk and jazz into Dead Jazz. A true witch's stew where everything is of the moment. Recorded live and direct from the Ghost Time. The lineup is unusual too. English pocket trumpeter Andy Knight is flanked by two drummer-percussionists, Z'EV from the USA and Ken Hyder from Scotland. As a group they allude to traces of greatly diverse influences and traditions. Bass lines are drawn from the Ceol Mor - the ancient tradition of Scottish Pibrochthe music of laments. Ken's vocals use elements of Canntaireachd, a vocalisation of bagpipe playing, as well as Khoomei, a Siberian form of overtone singing he learned in Tuva. Z'EV uses alto and baritone rolmos - Tibetan ritual cymbals which generate a rich range of overtones - and Ken uses tenor rolmos. As you listen, you might get a feeling of something you felt before A hint of music you might have caught on the wind, off the water, in your sleep, or in someone's eyes. Every faint glimpse lingers awhile before it slips away.
Cat. number: hint16
Year: 2012