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Ghedalia Tazartes

Voyage a l'ombre

Label: Hinterzimmer

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

CD in 4-panel chipboard sleeve. The complete, unabridged masterpiece from 1997. Almost impossible to find since more than 10 years. After a vinyl reissue (but not complete) here\'s the CD version again ! Voyage à l\'ombre was originally released in 1997, as a limited CD on the France-based Demosaurus label run by David Fenech, a frequent Tazartes-collaborator. With tracks featuring Pambin Thullal, Syeta Choir, and Yumi Nara. Original lbel note \'Ghédalia Tazartes combines an orchestra and a pop group in one person. his voice shifts constantly from child to woman. completely unique, his music is unbelievable. You can\'t miss that record.\'

Cat. number: hint18
Year: 2013