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Ghedalia Tazartes

Coda Lunga - Rushes of India (LP+DVD)

Label: VON

Format: Vinyl LP+DVD

Genre: Electronic

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A double journey into Kerala in India. Ghedalia Tazartes dips himself  into the sea of Indian traditions in Kerala, from Katakhali dance and  music to field recordings on location. A fantastic journey beyong India, through countries of the imagination. Another genre and cross cultural experience by the French master. (Von Archives)
"This record feels like the sound of the world flashing by so fast you can only pick up snatches, playing tricks on your imagination and your memory, hyperreal but intangible. Dizzyingly layered but still structured with a cheeky musicality. Absolutely bonkers but detailed, unique and mercurial weirdness from Tazartes. It’s not hard to see why this particular puny human has such a cult following." Normann Records

Cat. number: VON 016
Year: 2012

Limited to 500 copies, comes with DVD