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Ghedalia Tazartes

La Bar Mitzvah Du Chien

Label: Bisou

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Since his debut in 1979, French outsider artist Tarzatès sounds like nothing else a thrilling collection of meanie devotionals, snafu song and fevered goatherd music with tape loops, industrial grind, musique concrète and throat singing.' This new album is another shamanic journey in Tazartès's universe. He sings and plays all the instruments and samples, recorded in the very same room as all his other solo records since 1974. Performed, produced, and recorded by Ghédalia Tazartès for Bisou in 2012. Tazartès's son, Lalo, can be heard on "Don't Cry for Me, Mamma." The front cover is a picture of Quentin Rollet, shot by Yannick Ressigeac. The back features a drawing by Lalo Tazartès. Mastered by F/Lor. 'La Bar Mitzvah du chien' or 'Don't cry for me, mamma' is a great singing album with raw sound collages.


Cat. number: bis002
Year: 2015