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On Your Body’s Landscape - excerpt 1
On Your Body’s Landscape - excerpt 2
On Your Body’s Landscape - excerpt 3

Quentin Rollet, Thierry Muller

On Your Body’s Landscape (LP)

Label: Bisou

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Thierry Müller, known for his albums under the name of Ilitch, and his hit “Polaroid/Roman/Photo” under the name of Ruth, creates music mixing, among others, synthesizers and guitar since the late 70s.

Quentin Rollet is best known for his sax playing very free and its participation in groups like Nurse With Wound, The Red Krayola, Mendelson, Prohibition, David Grubbs
After meeting on many occasions and at the invitation of Thierry Müller to play in the first part of Ilitch, they decided to work together.
A first rehearsal confirmed the possibilities of the duo which immediately concludes that the next step would be recording without other repetitions. The session took place in Thierry Müller’s studio. This record is the first musical encounter recorded by Thierry Müller and Quentin Rollet. These tracks are therefore improvised. They were recorded live, very few takes, and worked in studio by Patrick Müller who also mixed and mastered the album. The result is an instrumental album, very cinematic, making travel.

Cat. number: BIS001
Year: 2015

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