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Lubomyr Melnyk


Label: Hinterzimmer

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Lubomyr Melnyk's latest major work in the last 15 years. It is a stunning tour de force for his signature 2-piano work, as it takes us through a dramatic and emotional sequence in the life of an old and battered windmill - from the turning of its gears to its beautiful closing Finale It was begun in 2009 and took 3 years to complete, with the addition of The Final Song Of Farewell from Windmill's ghost The music contains a story based on a very early Walt Disney animation, 'The Old Windmill'. In Lubomyr Melnyk's version, the Windmill is of the old European type, made of heavy stone and wood... standing alone on the top of a hill, facing the onslaught of nature, with wind and rain and storms and everything that it has to face in its 300 year old life For Lubomyr, the Windmill represents a human being, facing so many hardships and trials standing alone at the top of a hill we hear the massive but worn gears begin to toil as the wind wakes the Windmill from sleep... far away, a terrible storm is brewing, and eventually descends upon Windmill with horrendous force, destroying poor Windmill ... In the music, Windmill rises up to Heaven, with its wings carrying it up higher and higher... and as it rises, Windmill sings his song of farewell, a plaintive melodic theme, his song to mankind, reminding us of the beauties of Life and to be grateful to God for all that we have The Song Of Windmill's GhostÊ was worked on in many versions, until it was finalised in 2013. It is the synthesis of all the melodic elements which Lubomyr had envisioned for this Song This performance was recorded in Omni-Sonic Sound, with full frequency analog platforms that make up 80% of the recorded tracks. Omni-Sonic recordings give the listener a more natural and accurate sound image of the piano, with greater overtone clarity and better frequency response than regular digital recordings.

Cat. number: hint19
Year: 2013

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