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Kiko C. Esseiva

Sous les etoiles

Label: Hinterzimmer

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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We are proud to release - four years after his first longplayer on Canadian imprint 'Manufracture' - Kiko C. Esseiva's second album 'Sous les étoiles'. The electro-acoustic-musique conrète compositions he has constructed during the past years are brilliant soundpieces that remind sometimes on Luc Ferraris electro-acoustic works but also the very narrative nature of some older Nurse With Wound albums. The way he mixes (almost) melodic elements into a complex structure of well arranged sounds and noises is simply beautiful. 'Sous Les Etoiles' goes even a step further than Esseiva's debut 'Musiques pour haut-parleurs', the tracks being audibly held together by leitmotifs, making it one big opus instead of being just a collection of tracks.

Cat. number: hint 04
Year: 2008

Composed between 2004 and 2007. Mastered 2007. Thanks to Roger Ziegler and Reto Mäder. Packaged in a 4-panel chipboard sleeve with a 4-page insert.