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Joe McPhee


Label: Corbett Vs. Dempsey

Format: CDx2

Genre: Jazz

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2012 release. A reissue of Joe McPhee's Glasses, originally released on Hat Hut Records in 1979. Glasses was recorded in October, 1977, during a highly significant period in McPhee's work, as he was pioneering the transatlantic, collaborative spirit that has helped to define the last three decades of his career. Documented in Tavannes, Switzerland, the set contains sensational tenor work, including the title piece, which finds McPhee ringing out a rhythm on a half-full wine glass, from which he extrapolates a melody on the saxophone, as well as a stunning version of John Coltrane's "Naima". The final 15 minutes are spent in duet with the Swiss percussionist Reto Weber, who was so inspired by McPhee he asked to sit in and did so with his quite extensive battery of drums. This record come from a year-long run during which McPhee recorded and released four very different, extremely wonderful solo records, of which only Tenor has ever been reissued on CD. Along with the 1979 album Variations On A Blue Line / 'Round Midnight (CVSD 007CD), this reissue was produced in collaboration with the seminal Swiss label Hat Hut Records and their chief, Werner X. Uehlinger. Recorded live by Werner X. Uehlinger on October 13, 1977 at Cafe Calvado, Switzerland. Personnel: Joe McPhee - tenor saxophone, flugelhorn, percussion; Reto Weber - percussion.

Cat. number: CVSD 006CD
Year: 2010

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