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Grains - excerpt 1
Grains - excerpt 2



Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Format: CD

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4th solo disc by Swedish composer Åke Parmerud. Rerelease of 4 of his major acousmatic works. These works had been recorded in 1994 and ’96 on discs that have been sold out for many years. “Grains of Voices” (1994-95). “Jeux imaginaires” (1993). “Les objets obscurs” (1991). “Alias” (1990). Åke Parmerud has successfully pursued a professional career in contemporary music and multimedia art since the late 70s. Although he originally trained as a photographer (1972-74) he went on to study music at the University and later at the Conservatory of Music in Göteborg (Sweden). In addition to his electroacoustic and instrumental music, his work includes a broad cross-section of modern experimental music in the fields of dance, film, interactive art, multimedia, theatre, and video.
Cat. number: IMED 18150
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic