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Tenebrisme - excerpt
Tenebrisme - excerpt 2

Adam Stanovic


Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Format: CD

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Adam Stanović (né Stansbie) started composing electronic music over twenty years ago. Initial experiments with tape recorders and a four-track mini-disc player led him to read music and technology at both Leeds College of Music (England, UK) and University of Leeds (England, UK), where he was introduced to computer music by Dale Jonathan Perkins. During this time, he started to enjoy international performances of his musical works, and he ultimately graduated with a university prize for outstanding achievement. Adam Stanovi went on to complete a PhD at City University London (England, UK), where he devoted himself to acousmatic music under the supervision and guidance of Denis Smalley. Nowadays, Stanović’s music continues to employ a fixed-medium. Rather than purely acousmatic, however, his recent works have also included instruments, electronics, film, and animation. In all such cases, his musical works explore relations between pitch and noise. Still, it is the ongoing fascination with musical form that occupies the primary focus of his compositional attention.
Cat. number: IMED 18153
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic