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Monique JEAN


Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Format: CD

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Monique Jean is a composer whose dense and raw sound universe will inevitably deeply engage the listener. Her musical discourse is flawless, meticulously written, giving sound the time needed to accurately deploy in all its sensory perception. It is An honest sensory, refusing routine, is giving each pieces of this disc a unique color. This is her third full-length effort with Canadian imprint empreintes DIGITALes, it was mastered by Christian Bouchard and offers two works on Troubles: T.A.G. (2013) and Out of Joint (2009). T.A.G. (trottoir, asphalte, goudron: sidewalk, asphalt, tar) is a work inspired by crowds of demonstrators, and more particularly by the energized shapes that become flood, drift and multitude. The mass drifts and undulates, subjected to sudden bifurcations, breakthroughs, and tensions charged with colliding multitudinous, heterogeneous beings. The sounds, mainly synthesized, are simultaneously organic and urban in their subterranean movements, breakaways, accelerations, and walls of resistance.

“Out of Joint” (2009, 11). Out of Joint is an essay in sound hybridization on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the various silver screen adaptations, stagings and rewrites it inspired through time. This is not musical theatre nor is it opera or audio documentary. What I am trying to do instead is to develop a form that operates through grafts of time, interpretations, meanings, and references.

Cat. number: IMED 18152
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic
File under: Acousmatic Music