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File under: dark



Label: Opal Tapes

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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This LP from Kaumwald has five tracks of creeping, grating, clanging dark ambient electronica with touches of post-dub, kind of like Forest Swords' sinister ambience crossed with the visceral dark noise drift of Ela Orleans & Skitter's recent 'Le Flechettes' LP. Side A opens with the brief and twitchy 'Fetemes', which grinds and groans and glitches like a long-dormant robot flickering into life before the lengthy 'Lethe', which takes up the bulk of this side, drops softly into a Coil-esque landscape of hissing static and industrial drones over a pulsating bass drum beat, with various clicky, echoed rhythms and mechanical shudders gradually encroaching on the hypnotic ambience. 

File under: dark
Cat. number: OPAL033
Year: 2014

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