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Mauzhar - Eyes In The Fog (excerpt)
Red Gremlin - Slaves To D'Waij (excerpt)


Hdk Dungeon​​-​​synth Magazine # 3 (Tape)

Label: Heimat Der Katastrophe

Format: Tape

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

* Limited to 200 copies Pro-dubbed solid yellow cassette + 28 pages booklet * We have happily reached the third episode of this bizarre adventure! We are receiving great feedbacks from the dungeon synth scene and we thank you for your endless passion and support: as long as there is this enthusiasm we will not stop clogging the ether with weird music and unpredictable projects! Since HDK DS Magazine was born, we have been very impressed by one thing: many of the musicians of the dungeon synth scene we have involved, at the end of this adventure, have told us that they have made one of their most inspired music ... ah, the inspiration! What is this holy grail that every artist desperately seeks? After years of quests, descents in unknown dungeons and adventures in magical and misty lands, it is still difficult to define what inspiration is. But it certainly has to do with the setting, the territory and the direction we decide to take when we turn on the synthesizers or open the piano roll window... Dungeon synth music feeds on atmospheres, stories, adventures and is closely linked to an imaginary that takes shape behind our closed eyelids.  And certainly the music of the four artists, who make up this new episode of your favorite cassette magazine, has a strong imagination! We are talking about the great Orcus from Canterbury UK, which tells us a mysterious story called “The Pyramid”. Or even an old acquaintance of the HDK catalog, TiR, a Turkish musician residing in the far (from here!) Australia, who, with his wise notes, evokes the cruel battle of the blind resurrected. Turning the side of the tape, however, we meet another acquaintance of HDK: we are talking about that cute humanoid animal named Red Gremlin, from the hills of Shropshire in the UK. As always he will be able with his simple and effective music to involve you in a story of slavery and (possible?) rebellion. The mediterranean Mauzhar closes this issue with a truly disturbing story entitled “Eyes in the fog”.  What else to say? We just have to be guided by the magical notes of these four tales: ladies and gentleman, let the story begins ... 

Cat. number: HDK 102
Year: 2021

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