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Hymns from the Harbour - Excerpt 1
Hymns from the Harbour - Excerpt 2
Hymns from the Harbour - Excerpt 3
Hymns from the Harbour - Excerpt 4

Max Marchini

Hymns from the Harbour

Label: Dark Companion

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**Edition of 118 numbered audiophile golden CD** Best known as producer and mainman behind Dark Companion Records and the reborn Manticore Records, Max Marchini gives birth to his first solo album where he plays all instruments except for two collaborations with avant-garde singer songwriter Paola Tagliaferro and the amazing pakhawaj indian drum playing of Akhilesh Gundecha. This album was intended as a present for his friends for Dark Companion’s 5th anniversary, but eventually label insisted to have it available in a very limited run for a niche brotherhood of connoisseurs. This album is quite a a random collection of musical sketches, ideas, instruments explorations recorded over a period of more than 10 years that shows Marchini’s many faces and many influences from classical to folk, from indian music to electronic avantgarde of the old Berlin school... but reinvented in some absolutely peculiar new style.

Cat. number: DCE004
Year: 2020