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I Hate Even Numbers (Lp)

Label: Dekorder

Format: LP

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Parallel universes mangle and mash into a superheated cloud of galactic debris and non-recyclable plastic. After a slew of genre-confounding 7" releases, Our Love Will Destroy The World unravels his own history of nearly everything in this, the mere third full length offering under his world destroying moniker. Smearing the already dotty line between twinkle-toed rave music and excoriating drone cacophony, I Hate Even Numbers weighs in like a three-legged gargantuan in a one-man morris dance. Blessed with a deep conviction that 'nowhere' is somewhere definitely worth going to, crippled, hobbling, clunkbeats and bubblepulses contest every frequency to the death underscored (overscored?) by mega-electrified guitar tuning exercises, shattering a passage to a brand new India. Everything louder than everything else, everything dissolving in the powerful acid of the sound next to it... a frybrained avalanche of audio M&Ms. Profound, elevating, and mercilessly, relentlessly UP!

Our Love Will Destroy The World is the new one-man project by New Zealander Campbell Kneale after disbanding Birchville Cat Motel. In the past Kneale has released albums on Ecstatic Peace, Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, Conspiracy and his own Celebrate Psi Phenomena label. He has colllaborated with Lee Ranaldo, Neil Campbell, Bruce Russel, John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Yellow Swans, has toured throughout Japan, Europe, America and Australia and also records und the names Black Boned Angel and Ming.

I Hate Even Numbers is the 2nd LP by this new project for the Dekorder label (his 3rd altogether) after last year's monolithic Stillborn Plague Angels album.

Cat. number: dekorder 047
Year: 2010
Genre: Electronic