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Stillborn Plague Angels

Label: Dekorder

Format: Vinyl LP

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The gates of Birchville Cat Motel crack, creak wide, and crash, unleashing a gush of soul-fried bleakness and love-damage stained with a defiantly metallic pose. Thats "METALLIC... as in, has the surface qualities of metal" not "METAL... as in, has the surface qualities of Metallica"... step back you fucking freaks. Although the broken bricks of BCM are still plain to see amid the burning wreck and ruin, 'Stillborn Plague Angels' represents the first fully formed sentence in a new chapter of Campbell Kneale's ongoing tome of star-spangled, psychedelic, noise-OM. Cholesterol-shaving guitar peeks over the trench to survey an adrenalised landscape of endless roaring catastrophy... Everything louder than everything else! Our Love Will Destroy The World is the new one-man project by New Zealander Campbell Kneale after disbanding BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL. In the past Kneale has released albums on Ecstatic Peace, Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, Conspiracy and his own Celebrate Psi Phenomena label. He has colllaborated with Lee Ranaldo, Neil Campbell, Bruce Russel, John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Yellow Swans, has toured throughout Japan, Europe, America and Australia and also records und the names Black Boned Angel and Ming. “Stillborn Plague Angels“ is the debut LP by this new project.

Cat. number: Dekorder 030
Year: 2009