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aural fit

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aural fit - II

aural fit


€ 19.20

GENRE: Rock | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. PSF 179CD | YEAR. (2008)

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"The reincarnation of the in-the-red psych aesthetics of early High Rise. One of the biggest underground psych/noise rock discoveries was Tokyo-based Aural Fit. A heavy, bludgeoning cudgel of a band, all distorted grime and redlined aggression, their 2004 self-released first album burst over the scene like a big bag of heavy spanners. They followed up with a track on Tokyo Flashback 5, but then line-up changes seemed to sideline their juddering, thundering rock juggernaut. Leader Mondo Bohachi has gone about reassembling the group from the ground up, and these are the first recorded results. If anything, it's even scarier, noisier and more rock than last time. 'Loud' and 'psychedelic' are still the watchwords, needles in the red all the way, and all the Stooges, Blue Cheer, TG, etc., references you might require are present and correct. Loud, vicious and dumb -- it doesn't really get much murkier or animal-mind-melding than this. Turn it up. Four tracks, 38 minutes. Mini-LP style card sleeve with obi and insert." -- Alan Cummings.

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1   Incompatiable P_SY 12:03  
2   Diagnostic P_N_S 13:20  
3   Resolver 6:37  
4   Stuffed Men Part II 6:09