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A5 Il Marchio Di Kriminal - Seq 5
B8 Il Marchio Di Kriminal - Seq 16
File under: Cult Movies

Piero Umiliani

Il Marchio Di Kriminal (Lp)

Label: Dagored

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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This super cult spy thriller made in 1968 and directed by Fernando Cerchio was the third in a successful film series. Previous installments had featured excellent scores by Roberto Pregadio and Romano Mussolini. The master tapes of this Piero Umiliani incredible soundtrack were recently discovered in the composer's archives: combining jazz with 1960s beats, a hint of bossa, Spanish style guitar, trumpet, and sexy vocals, performed by the elite of the jazz and session scenes at the time, this score is a classic of its kind and a potential lounge music hit. Yellow vinyl; Edition of 500.
File under: Cult Movies
Cat. number: RED 255
Year: 2018

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