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Confusional_ Quartet - Paranoia
Naphta - Ciuvà Ciuvè
Stupid_Set - Fiuggi
File under: DIYPost-Punk

Fabrizio Gilardino, Stefano Gilardino

Il Quaderno Punk 1979-1981 - La Nascita Del Nuovo Rock Italiano

Label: Spittle

Format: BOOK + CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Italian version only. A whole generation of kids growing in the mid/late Seventies got blown away by a tv program called "Odeon - Tutto quanto fa spettacolo" - on RAI, the national broadcasting company - which spread the punk word all over Italy. Two young brothers from the northern region of Piemonte, in 1979, started collecting all the infos about the italian punk and new wave movement and glueing photos on an exercise book. "Il quadernone", as it was called, was a naive attempt at archiving and mapping the growing national scene, just for the personal pleasure of it.
It has been recently found by Stefano, one of the two brothers, and now it has been reissued exactly as it was, implemented by 50 pages of new interviews with five bands of the punk/new wave era and a companion CD with 21 songs (5 totally unreleased, including Stupid Set, Confusional Quartet, Naphta and many more).
File under: DIYPost-Punk
Cat. number: 9788899770105
Year: 2018

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