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Istantanee vol​.​1 - Excerpt 1
Istantanee vol​.​1 - Excerpt 2
Istantanee vol​.​1 - Excerpt 3
Istantanee vol​.​1 - Excerpt 4

Gabriele Gasparotti

Istantanee vol​.​1 (LP)

Label: Dornwald Records, Dio Drone, Il Dio Selvaggio

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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* Limited Edition 300 copies High Quality 180gr Black Vinyl * These musical compositions – which I called Istantanee (snapshots) – were realized with sonic materials issued from experimental studies on the expressive capabilities of the instrument arranged in such a way as to take account of the rhythmic and harmonic peculiarities of the material itself.

To maintain the spontaneity of the original musical idea, each snapshot was recorded three or four times on different kinds of tape – the timbres of the instrument being different on each of them – in imitation of analog photography, where, once the elements are caught on film, they can be modified only by using filters and masks on the light and through specific multigrade paper, so as to make details stand out through contrasts or blow-ups - Gabriele Gasparotti

Cat. number: DW006
Year: 2019

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