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Kompositionen 1981 - 83 (excerpt 1)
Kompositionen 1981 - 83 (excerpt 2)
Kompositionen 1981 - 83 (excerpt 3)

Klaus Roeder

Kompositionen 1981 - 83 (LP)

Label: Private

Format: LP

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** Original copies, still in shrink** Privately released in 1983, respectively, this set covers the early electro-acoustic work of German composer, guitarist, and electronic percussionist Klaus Röder, a student of Milko Kelemen & Günther Becker’s member of the free jazz band Synthesis - along w/ Gerhard Illi and member of Kraftwerk in 1974, contributing to their classic 'Authoban'Born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1948, Klaus Röder has developed his interest in experimental music since the 1960s. He studied violin and piano, sound engineering, composition and guitar. He soon discovered a passion for manipulating tape sounds and synthesizers, which led him to even create his own custom-made instruments. Meticulous, frenetic, and wryly humorous, the pieces here often show Röder’s dexterity as an instrumentalist - there’s a fair bit of classical guitar “shredding” peppered throughout - but consistently show him as a master of assemblage.

Cat. number: 0683
Year: 1983
Genre: Electronic