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Pedro Santos


Label: Polysom

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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2012 reissue, long out of print. Krishnanda is an album in the truest sense of the word – a spiritual, experimental  psychedelic Brazilian masterpiece from start to finish – Produced by the artist himself in the CBS studio with arrangements Joppa Lins (codenamed Pacheco Lins ) and the endorsement of Hélcio Milito (then in the position of Production Director of the label), Krishnanda is a pearl of MPB and features poetic lyrics mystical perspective under a different linguistic structure.

The sound diversity of the album is very large, there are many types of percursivos instruments, horn arrangements from samba rhythms and Latin and Eastern almost the same time, animal sounds and ambience of a forest, a psychedelic organ, a guitar with similar to a zither, xylophones and instruments designed and built by Peter pródrio sorongo timbre.

Despite the inventiveness of his percussive sound and influence it has had on musicians of the time, had no great impact and fell into oblivion.

Creator of instruments like berimboca (the berimbau mouth ) and tamba (drums with bamboo created with Milito and origin of the name Tamba Trio), Pedro Santos presented on topics such as picture Krishnanda Ritual Black, Living Water, Warning, Water Lilies, Dual, Inside the Jungle, Savannah and Disillusion Visit. The lyrics are very die poetic and transcendental and the album stands out among his contemporaries to be a concept album that features continuity between the tracks and his sound diversity. The tracks bring elements Folk and present influence and similarity to samba and african-Brazilian culture , such as The Afro-Sambas (1966) both in melodic construction as the theme of the lyrics, which are more in Krishnanda facing existential and transcendental themes as moral perception, existence and ego.

Cat. number: 33139-1
Year: 2016

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