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Keitaro Miho

La Cloche (7" Ep)

Label: Super Fuji Discs

Format: 7"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

A totally cool little Japanese soundtrack from the 60s – done for a film that features a bunch of younger teens who head out the beach – and which is scored with music that perfectly fits the mood! There's a really great range of 60s film modes going on here – as some tunes feature wordless vocal scatting, others feature a bit of surf guitar, bossa melodies, or even a few more playful themes – mostly served up in short takes, and interspersed in a way that's nicely vivid and very groovy! We've never seen the movie, but given the music we're imagining a film that's full of unusual juxtapositions in mood and action – from dreamy moments to dark noir scenes, to some completely unbridled action. Dustygroove
Cat. number: FJSP329
Year: 2018