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Hideo Shiraki, Takeshi Inomata

The Stormy Man (7" Ep)

Label: Super Fuji Discs

Format: 7"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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A rare soundtrack session from Japanese jazz legend Hideo Shiraki; Also with pianist Takeshi Inomata and saxophonist Hidehiko "Sleepy" Matsumoto "Inomata and saxophonist Hidehiko "Sleepy" Matsumoto as well! The cover's somewhat unassuming, but the music inside is quite vivid and rich – jazz tracks used as a film score, often with a quality that's like the best jazz soundtracks coming out of French and Italian cinema at the end of the 50s – with a very different vibe than some of Shiraki's later albums as a leader! There's a nicely moody, late nite quality to many of the tracks – and instrumentation shifts throughout, but includes vibes, tenor, guitar, and piano – all elements used without as much heavy drum work from Hideo as you might expect. The 7" EP version plays at 33 rpm, and features a total of 13 tracks in all – all music cues from the film" Dustygroove
Cat. number: FJSP332
Year: 2018

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