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File under: ExoticaJazz

Toshiro Mayuzumi

Only On Mondays (Getsuyobi-No Yuka) (7" Ep)

Label: Super Fuji Discs

Format: 7"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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A very cool mix of music by the legendary Toshiro Mayuzumi a Japanese composer known for his implementation of avant-garde instrumentation alongside traditional Japanese musical techniques. His works drew inspiration from a variety of sources ranging from jazz to Balinese music, and he was considered a pioneer in the realm of musique concrète and electronic music– served up here on a soundtrack that's almost like having an audio version of a movie! The songs are all relatively short, and are the mix of jazz and lighter melodies that you might find in an early 60s Italian soundtrack – perfect music for the bittersweet story of this film, which moves between comedic moments and more heartbreaking passages. There's almost a nouvelle vague sensibility to the soundtrack – in the way it can shift between modernism and more sentimental modes – a quality that's underscored by the brevity of the songs, which work together as a whole suite of emotion in soun" Dustygroove
File under: ExoticaJazz
Cat. number: FJSP328
Year: 2018