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Nino Rota

La Dolce Vita O.S.T.

Label: DOXY

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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On vinyl, it's the legendary score from the Fellini's equally legendary movie. The music by Nino Rota sometimes sounds quasi-liturgical, sometimes jazzy, and sometimes it rocks. Lurking beneath is the irreverence of tuba and accordions, and snatches of pop songs. The characters in Fellini's movie are forever in motion, and Rota provides the perfect music for their processions and parades. 

Cat. number: DOC0000102
Year: 2014

Limited edition of 500 copies.
TRACKS - SIDE 1: 1. Titoli Di Testa; Canzonetta; Notturno II; Cadillac 2. La Dolce Vita; Arrivederci Roma; Caracallas La Bersagliera 3. La Dolce Vita In Via Veneto 4. Patricia; Canzonetta; Entrata Dei Gladiatori; Parlami Di Me (Valzer) 
5. Lola (Yes Sir, That's My Baby); Parlami Di Me (valzer); Stormy Weather. SIDE 2: 1. Via Veneto E I Nobili 2. Blues; La Dolce Vita Dei Nobili 3. Notturno O Mattutino 4. La Dolce Vita; La Bella Melanconica 5. La Dolce Vita Nella Villa Di Fregene; Can Can; Jingle Bells (Processing Of Nino Rota); Blues; La Dolce Vita; Why Wait; La Dolce Vita (Finale).

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