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Joe Harriott Quintet


Label: DOXY

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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"'Audiences now seem to be understanding what we're doing. We've stepped up the amount of free-form to about fifty percent, and all over the country we're getting better receptions for this kind of music than we get for conventional modern jazz.' Free-form tries, says Harriott, to add color to jazz: 'Of jazz's various components -- constant time signatures, a steady 4/4 tempo, themes, chord sequences, and so on -- we aim to retain at least one in each piece. But we may dispense with all the others.' As Harriott also advises, don't expect all of this music to swing -- it isn't meant to. Listen instead for the exciting, revelatory explorations of bi-tonality within the ensemble, the constantly alert unity of the group as a whole, and the frequently lyrical, nakedly impassioned playing of trumpeter Shake Keane and alto sax man Joe Harriott himself." --original liner notes

Cat. number: ACV 2040LP
Year: 2014