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Angelo Lavagnino

Lost Continent (Lp)

Label: DOXY

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Doxy present Angelo Lavagnino's soundtrack for the 1968 film, The Lost Continent. From an interview with the Maestro Lavagnino, one of the legendary Italian score masters: "If I talk about The Lost Continent, I talk about one of my favorites, just because it gave me the opportunity to show myself as a man and as a composer. I was gone for more than six months in Indonesia. At that time, for an Italian, going to Indonesia was like Marco Polo going to China! I found there what I expected to find: in their forests were many bamboo trees with which I created incredible sounds. The bamboo, opened at the middle and laid on the floor, made sounds in 'pitch'. Using the 'diapason' I made a 'scale' out of it! (...) I did not have any problem in scoring this movie. I loved the Indonesian music, but I wrote music that reflected my personality. The music took ten days to write, arrange and conduct, and I am very satisfied with what I did (...)" Edition of 500.

Cat. number: DOC 140LP
Year: 2018

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