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le cercle des mallisimalistes

Le Moire
€ 14.90
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le cercle des mallisimalistes - Le Moire

le cercle des mallisimalistes

Le Moire

€ 14.90

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. Ponab 16 | YEAR. (2015)

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The music of Bélibaste de Cocagne performed by Le Cercle des Mallisimalistes. Krzysztof Skapiec, bass clarinet, electronics, synthesizer. Nestor Désiré, drums, vocals, trumpet. Bernard Berdot, guitar. Bernardt Pauillac, guitar, vocals, Le Doc Torré-Trueba, harmonium, vocals.
'Mallissimalism (mallissimal art) is a musical tendancy wich appeared in the early 50's in St-Petresburg (Leningrad). The notion of mallissimal art has been created in the early 70's by young european composers strongly influenced by the work of Tachesky, Koustov and Hugsky.(...) the trend moves towards europe in the late 60's. We can find it in France with the Belisbaste of Cocagne's discordant ritornellos or in the Michel Dujardin's conceptual pieces.(...)
The Blood Feast is Tachesky's master work and was composed for three musicians and a spirit. The part of madness in this piece lies in the intervention of a surnatural spirit in two parts well notified in the partition. The three musicians have to use their medium ability in order to make the deceased intercede at a specific moment.(...)

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