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File under: Computer Music


Les geometries souterraines

Label: Population

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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The first LP by Fusiller allows an intimate exploration of his very own musical language presented through his crafted electronic instruments, skills coming form his engineering background. This coupled material and theoretic control, leads to unique meaning structures where haunting evocations join spectral contrasts in a very pure form, evenly poor and massive, inherited from industrial and electroacoustic music. The LP is a precisely arranged progression of selected experimental sound objects, where each event is far from accidental, supporting an hallucinatory syntax, between the harshness of the material and the vulnerability of lyrical intermissions.

Fusiller is the solo project of Jo Tanz, best known as a member of Opéra Mort which also includes Laurent Gérard (aka Èlg). They release music and play live since 2009, a special mention for their acclaimed album « Dédales » published in 2014 on the UK label Alter. He is also a longtime partner of the pioneering multidisciplinary artist Ghédalia Tazartès, and by occasionally joining Opera Mort, the three artists released two albums and perform live together under the name Reines d’Angleterre. Founding and managing the respected label Tanzprocesz, Jo highlights himself as one of the main voices in the experimental music scene in France, publishing emerging new artists but also greater worldwide figures. With his label he managed to avoid the self-boundaries of noise music, by granting an underlining dialog with ritualism.

File under: Computer Music
Cat. number: PLTN001
Year: 2017