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Live At WNUR 2​-​6​-​92 - Excerpt 1
Live At WNUR 2​-​6​-​92 - Excerpt 2
Live At WNUR 2​-​6​-​92 - Excerpt 3
Live At WNUR 2​-​6​-​92 - Excerpt 4

The Flying Luttenbachers

Live at WNUR 2​-​6​-​92 (Purple LP)

Label: Improved Sequence

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 75 * Originally released on cassette in 1992 and then CD in 1996 this is The Flying Luttenbachers' first transmission to Earth. A furious snapshot into the early days of the band and featuring the incredible line-up of head honcho Weasel Walter, Hal Russell and Chad Organ. First time on vinyl.

"The Flying Luttenbachers have quite an impressive history for a band whose lineup seems to be constantly in flux. The one constant is drummer Weasel Walter, who formed the band in Chicago in 1991. Walter was a fan and pupil of Hal Russell, leader of the explosive NRG Ensemble. Walter’s friend Chad Organ (tenor sax) joined them and the trio became the Flying Luttenbachers. That lineup made its first and only public appearance February 6, 1992 on a college radio station. Live at WNUR, released originally on cassette but reissued on CD, is similar to some of Russell’s NRG Ensemble work, but more frenzied and loosely constructed. This is the Luttenbachers at their closest to pure jazz; it is fast and furious, upbeat and funny. The band’s ethos is already evident: short bursts of noise strung together with energetic abandon, yet somehow evincing an aura of control and overall melody." - Trouser Press

Recorded at Northwestern University on February 6, 1992. Hal Russell (tenor and soprano saxophones, trumpet), Chad Organ (tenor saxophone) and Weasel Walter (drums).

Cat. number: IMP020
Year: 2021