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Peter Brötzmann

Long Story Short

Label: Trost

Format: BOX CDx5

Genre: Jazz

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Long Story Short, the festival organized as the 25th edition of the Unlimited Festival in Wels, Austria (November 2011) designed a festival around Peter Brötzmann's musical practice -- not a retrospective, but a representation of the contemporary musical spheres that Brötzmann and his comrades are investigating today. Eighteen performances in this box document Brötzmann's close ties to the Chicago scene, his inclination to work with Japanese artists, his cultivation of old and new friendships from New York, his admiration for African musicians and collaborations with his European friends. The extensive compilation emphasizes the vitality and variety of Brötzmann's current work and documents a historical moment of the Unlimited Festival. These were special days with very special performances, intense experiences for everybody involved -- musicians and audience alike (the venue was completely sold-out months before). After having started to work regularly with Peter Brötzmann in 2011 with vinyl reissues of his FMP-works of the '70s on Cien Fuegos and some of his current projects on Trost, the label is especially happy to present these recordings as a 5CD box monument. Artists include: Sonore, Chicago Tentet with John Tchicai, Michiyo Yagi, Okkyung Lee, Xu Fengxia, Masahiko Satoh, Takeo Moriyama, Joe McPhee, Maallem Mokhtar Gania, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Tamaya Honda, Jason Adasiewicz, Abu Toyozumi, Dieb 13, Mats Gustafsson, Martin Siewert, Keiji Haino, Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Kent Kessler, Hairy Bones, Eric Revis, Nasheet Waits, DKV Trio, Massimo Pupillo, Paal Nilssen-Love, Full Blast, and Caspar Brötzmann Massaker.


Cat. number: TR 112
Year: 2013

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