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1-02 Futuamote part 2 - excerpt
1-03 Yasugibushi part 1 excerpt


Merzopo (2CD)

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: CDx2

Genre: Noise

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Merzopo is a collaborative two CD album of Japanese noise legend Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and the Czech seven member ensemble Opening Performance Orchestra, based in Prague. The first CD contains four compositions by Merzbow. "Futaomote" means 'double face' and it was originally titled 'Janus'. "Yasugibushi" is a Japanese old folk song which was sampled. The second CD contains two live tracks from Opening Performance Orchestra which were played live in Tokyo and Prague in 2017 and studio edited at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. No melody, no rhythm, no harmony; this is fraction music. Opening Performance Orchestra is a seven-member ensemble encompassing a wide genre span, from the 20th-century electronic thrusts of the musical avant-garde as far as contemporary Japanese noise music. Its own creations are based on fraction music, with the initial sound being digitally destroyed, fractured, and uncompromisingly rid of all its original attributes within the spirit of the credo "no melodies, no rhythms, no harmonies."
Cat. number: SR 472CD
Year: 2018

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