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    Label: YOUTH INC.

    Format: 10xCD box

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    This 10xCD box set composed of previously unreleased recordings from 1993–95, it focuses on pure noise from before the introduction of synthesizers and other electronic instruments. The noise is described as being linked to grindcore, having a sense of speed, and was recorded live to cassette. Merzphysics can be considered to be a sequel to Merzbient, which also features unreleased vintage cassette recordings.
    As with some of the tracks on Merzbient, the titles are taken from cassette brands: AXIA PS by Fujifilm; GPX, Metal CD's and UD by Maxell; CDix, GIG and UX by Sony.
    The tracks eschew the recognisable forms of his later work and embrace the multilayered pure noise that pretty much defines the genre. The pleasure in records like Merzphysics is to get amongst the layers to tease out the sounds, to squeeze below the levels of aggression to find its beating heart.


    Cat. number: YOUTH-163
    Year: 2013
    Genre: Noise

    Limited to 200 copies


    Recorded at Bedroom, Tokyo 1993-1995.
    Mixed and mastered from original cassette tapes at Munemihouse, Tokyo 2012.